Week 14 update

The kitchen is all but done.  The casings and baseboards are all installed, the backsplash is grouted and sealed and the stove back in place, we have chairs for our new kitchen table.  There are just a handful of things to be done before the kitchen portion is completely ready.

The backsplash looks great now that it’s grouted.  It’s sometimes the case that a tile mosaic such as this one — especially one including glass tiles — will lose some of its sparkle and depth once grouted, because light can no longer enter from the edges of the glass tiles.  I think this one is almost the opposite — that the shadowbox effect around the glass tiles has increased the perception of depth.

I sealed the tiles here yesterday (so no food splatters would stain them) in preparation for today’s rite of passage for the new kitchen: the preparation of two batches of stock: one vegetable, one chicken.

there’s the small matter than when closing up the electrical chase by
the door to the sunroom, they managed to short out the switch for the
overhead lights, breaking it.  I hope it’s just the switch and not the
fixtures too.  I’m assured that will get fixed up on Monday.

We’re scheduled for Thursday to put the final coat of polyurethane on the floors.  I’m hoping the electrician takes my hints and hangs the Tiffany lamp before then.  Once these things are done, we’re ready to move back in!  We’re asking them to clear out of our dining room too (we’ll give them a garage bay) so I can scrape the popcorn texture off the ceiling in there (and repaint it), and otherwise reclaim that room as well.

On the sunroom front, we’re fully weathered in now, with the installation of the remaining 2 sliding windows and the door. The rough electrican work is done enough for an inspection scheduled for Monday, so assuming that passes we should start to see beadboard go up on the ceiling soon.  I intend to whitewash the ceiling (with a white semi-transparent stain) , a process which our contractor has dubbed the “stain shower.”  I doubt the sunroom will be fully done by our official kitchen-warming party in 2 weeks, but I’m hoping for some semblance of usability.

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