zip a dee do dah

Here’s how to zip line. First, let go of all sense of self-preservation and survival. Put on a helmet that will only contain the mess if you hit a tree, strap yourself into a harness and put on some ratty gloves.  Carry around your own personal pulley contraption. Allow a complete stranger (who isn’t fluent in your native tongue) to attach you to a cable that is anywhere from 50 (practice run) to 750 meters long and dangling above the rainforest canopy. Grab onto your little pulley device, lie back and tuck your knees into your chest. Relax your arms and allow said complete stranger to push you off the platform. Travel along cable at speeds that may reach 50mph. Try to overcome terror and look around a bit. Spread legs apart to slow landing and avoid bisecting yourself on cable. Land. Repeat.
(this picture by our new friend Paul. It’s me. We did this on the last day of the year…certainly a memorable way to send off 2010.)

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