Travel day

As Lis mentioned, today was a fairly long travel day.  We have moved from the west coast, over the continental divide, to the area of the Arenal volcano — or so we’re told; on arrival we were socked in with fog and clouds and couldn’t see it at all.  We’re hoping for an improvement in the weather tomorrow.

On the way in we stopped at a pretty unique farm / restaurant for lunch.  The history of this place is that the Costa Rican government provides financial incentives for farmers to diversify beyond the predominant monoculture of whatever region they are in; the owner of this farm has done so in spades.  He manages to produce meals composed entirely of food raised on his 5-acre farm — every vegetable, grain, fruit, spice, or meat.  We had salad, the traditional Costa Rican rice and beans, steamed yuca (tapioca) and fried yuca chips, beef & mango salsa, and chicken in a typical Costa Rican preparation.  For dessert there was excellent rice pudding and coffee.

I don’t have a picture of this farm because (a) it was pouring rain and (b) I had a splitting headache, but it was quite an experience.  On our way out we were told the massive tour bus mostly blocking the access road belongs to some Hollywood actor, perhaps Christan Slater.  Sadly, we did not have a chance for a duck photo.  Drugs, nap, and shower took care of the headache, and we have just returned from a tasty if dimly-lit dinner.

Tomorrow, rain or shine, we will have some activities near the volcano, and we’ll be sure to update you as we approach the home stretch of this trip.

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