more fun than a barrel of…

Here’s what Doug didn’t say about the monkeys and the toucans. They are awesome!!! There are easily a couple dozen of the monkeys running around in the trees, leaping from tree to tree, and grabbing handfuls of whatever up there is good to eat. Then…the toucans came. And it was the epic battle of Monkeys vs Toucan–who would reign supreme??  Well, it turns out 5 toucans can make enough noise to irritate the hell out a bunch of monkeys, and to cause one young monkey to find his mom and cling to her. The toucans celebrated their defeat of the monkeys by feasting at the tray of bananas that is left out, and continuing to shriek while the monkeys hung back. The toucans finally left, allowing the monkeys to reclaim their space among the trees.

We’ll see if the battle repeats itself tomorrow….

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