One advantage of being home every day is we get to watch the wildlife in our yard. Two interesting visitors from today and one from yesterday.

First up is a cardinal. We get a few cardinals at our feeder, but what’s interesting is that I am pretty sure this is last year’s chick. We also have seen a pair for the last few years, but this guy is by himself and you can see his plumage is not quite baked.

Next up is a groundhog (woodchuck, whistle pig, whatever you want to call it). He’s awfully cute. Shame they’re so destructive. I am glad we’re not trying a vegetable garden.

Finally, from yesterday, a rose-breasted grosbeak at our feeder! This photo is not the best quality (shot through a screen), but is clear enough for a positive ID. We hope this guy sticks around and finds a mate.

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